9 Ocak 2016 Cumartesi

Garmin Echo 150 Portable

Garmin Echo one hundred fifty is an additional excellent answer for these who fish from leased boats, kayaks, docks, canoes and different small vessels. This mannequin additionally consists of a soft-sided carrying case that additionally has a rugged base and help arm for defending and holding the Echo one hundred fifty in place. The unit additionally comes with a sealed AGM rechargeable battery and the charger for it.fish finder For storing the sensible charger there is a built-in pocket on the bag. The cable administration and storage is constructed in the transducer. It wraps on the backside of the base and the help arm. Echo one hundred fifty characteristics a black and white eight grayscale display. It provides twin beam sonar (77/200 kHz) and AutoGain technologies that maximizes targets whereas minimizing clutter. The gadget additionally consists of a water temperature sensor and audible alarms. The transmitting energy is 1600 watts peak to peak. fish finder reviews

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